Go Beyond Insurance to Gain Total Control

Our objective is to help you understand what insurance companies look for when accepting and pricing your account. Next, we assist you in implementing the qualities of the Ideal Client, thus making your business more attractive and reducing your total cost of risk.


What is the Ideal Client Transformation process?

We follow a unique process…insurance is only one way to transfer risk. Great risk management includes insurance, loss control, integrated Human Resources, claims management and proper financing. Positioning your company using these concepts will result in more carrier options, greater control, reduced claims, enhanced coverage and most importantly…pricing stability.

Our process, The Ideal Client Transformation was designed to give you more control over your insurance program, and to help you become more attractive to the insurance marketplace.


The ICT is a proprietary process that we use for the clients who are genuinely interested in strategically positioning their companies and gaining total control over their insurance programs. It allows your management team, with our help and guidance, to focus on your internal processes. The ICT requires a reasonable time investment and has zero cost to the client.

Insurance companies are always seeking the “ideal client.” One who understands risk and how to control, avoid, transfer, and mitigate it. These clients frequently get better pricing and better coverage. And the result is always an improved bottom line.

If you feel as though this would be a good fit for your company/organization, please contact us to schedule a brief meeting.  Email us at: info@jjwadeinsurance.com