Workers Compensation is one of the most costly and mismanaged coverages in business insurance. Virtually all businesses have it, but very few have control of it. With 80% of all Premium Audits containing costly errors and 90% of all Experience Modifications being mismanaged – it only makes sense to deal with a specialist.

Workers Comp by the Numbers

of businesses are overcharged
of audits contain mistakes
of experience mods are mismanaged
From Experience Modification Factors to poor injury management and complex audits, mistakes are lurking around every corner. If you don’t pay closer attention to your workers’ comp than any other insurance, you will inevitably pay more than you should.

The Institute of WorkComp Professionals trains Certified Work Comp Advisors (CWCA) and Master Work Comp Advisors (MWCA) to know the entire Workers’ Comp System. They know that each part is riddled with potential errors––Audits, Experience Modification Factors, Back-to-Work Programs, Employee Classification, Injury Handling and more.

A Certified Workcomp Advisor Can Help

Certified WorkComp Advisors are required to keep up-to-date on the many rule changes and to continue their Workers’ Compensation education to maintain Certification.  JJ Wade & Associates is one of fewer than 300 agencies nationwide that is trained to locate errors and lost dollars in your Work Comp program.


  • Knows and understands the complicated Workers’ Compensation system
  • Creates a process to get injured workers back-on-the-job quickly and fairly
  • Works with the employer to prevent the causes of injuries
  • Helps employers in the hiring process, where Workers’ Compensation problems start
  • Helps employers establish a process for reducing costs and eliminating future errors
  • Obtains refunds for “Money left on the table”
  • Verifies audits to identify and correct mistakes and errors in preparation for insurance company auditor
  • Locates Experience Modification mistakes and follows up to correct them
  • Identifies errors and submits them for correction

For more information please contact:

Jay Roberts, MWCA


Kevin Flowers, CWCA